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Terms and conditions

This website is owned and run by Shoreditch Media Limited (“SML”) trading as Red Squirrel Publishing.

By using this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and by any other supplementary terms and conditions, rules or guidelines which appear on the website. We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time without notice – please check for changes on a regular basis.

If you are under 18, please ask your parent to read and accept these Terms and Conditions for you.

1. Registration and Security
You can browse most of the website without registering, but you may need to register to access certain features of the website. If you register, you will need to choose a user name and password to give you access to these features. Please keep the password safe and don’t share it with anyone else. We are not responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage you suffer if you do not keep your password safe. Tell us immediately if anyone uses your password or if you are aware of any other security breach.

Please make sure that any personal registration details you provide are true and accurate and keep them up to date by visiting the account management section of the website.

2. Privacy
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information about how we will use the information which you provide on registration. SML reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time at its absolute discretion.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property rights in the information and content available on this website belong to SML or its licensors. Much of the content is protected by copyright, trade mark and other laws. It may be copied only for your personal use. No content should be modified, performed, published or transferred to anyone else (unless otherwise stated on the website) nor used for any commercial purpose. Except to the extent permitted by applicable law.

4. Subscriptions
When you apply for a subscription from this website, either free or paid-for, you place an order with Shoreditch Media Limited (“SML”) trading as Red Squirrel Publishing of Suite 235, 15 Ingestre Place, London W1F 0DU. When SML accepts your order and makes the content available to you, a contract is formed between you and SML on the following terms.

If content is made available as part of a promotion, special terms and conditions may apply.

4.1. Right to use content
Copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the content available on the lifeintheuk.net belong to SML or its licensors. Unless otherwise stated, you are given a limited licence to use the content for your own personal use for the duration of your subscription. You must not attempt to modify, publish or perform the content nor use it for any commercial purpose.

We reserve the right to change, suspend or withdraw content from the lifeintheuk.net, to suspend your account or your access to the lifeintheuk.net, or to discontinue the lifeintheuk.net or any feature of the lifeintheuk.net at any time without notice.

4.2. Paying for your subscription
Subscriptions accessed via the lifeintheuk.net may be free or you may have to pay for it. All prices shown are inclusive of all taxes and import duties. SML reserves the right to change the price of subscriptions at any time without notice.

If you pay for content, you will be transferred to a secure Internet page, operated by our payment processor. You will be asked to provide details of your credit or debit card details or other payment method. You must only use a credit or debit card registered in your name. If your payment method is approved, the total price of the subscription will be debited when we accept your order. We reserve the right to reject your order for any reason. SML reserves the right to change or suspend payment methods at any time without notice.

If you purchase content via lifeintheuk.net, we will send an email to your registered email address, giving details of the order placed. Please provide the correct email address, and keep this up-to-date, so that you receive this information. We recommend that you print off a copy of this email so that you have a permanent record of your order.

4.2. Redeeming a free subscription
You may redeem a free 24 hour subscription if you own a copy from the series of publications advertised on lifeintheuk.net, provided that the publication you wish to use has not been out-of-print for more than six months. You can check which publications are out-of-print by visiting the Red Squirrel Publishing website. You will be required to register an account, apply for a subscription, and provide proof of purchase. Full details for doing this are provided on our website lifeintheuk.net 

4.4 Delivery 
We will make every effort to ensure online access is available as soon as possible, however delivery will not be of the essence. Once you have made your payment, you should be able to access lifeintheuk.net online, by using your username and password, and delivery will be deemed to have taken place (subject to acceptance of your order).

4.5. Right to Cancel
You may cancel your order if you have not started to use any of the content made available by your subscription.

Once you start using your subscription, you do not have any right to cancel this contract. You cannot change your mind and ask for your money back.

4.6. Associated Costs
You are responsible for all charges related to the purchase of content via the lifeintheuk.net , such as Internet connection and equipment costs.

5. Availability
lifeintheuk.net is provided on an “as is” basis. At times, the website may not be available or may be affected by faults or maintenance, or by conditions outside our control. No warranty is given about the quality, functionality, availability or performance of the website or any content on the website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all warranties, terms and conditions implied by law in relation to the performance of the website or otherwise are hereby excluded. SML reserves the right to modify or withdraw content of the website at any time.

You must not damage, interfere with or disrupt access to the website or its content, nor do anything that may impair its functionality or interfere with another person’s access to or use of the website or its content. You must not use the website or content in any way that is unlawful or damaging to SML, its affiliated companies or any other person.

6. Links to this site and reproduction
lifeintheuk.net encourages hypertext links to this website, and you do not have to ask permission to link directly to pages hosted on this site. However, we have supplementary terms regarding other forms of reproducing content from lifeintheuk.net and use of our RSS Feed.

7. Links to Other Sites
We have not approved or checked any third party sites linked to this website and we are not responsible or liable in any way for their content. Your use of such third party sites will be subject to the terms and conditions of those sites.

8. Public postings
You understand that the rights associated with any postings that you make to our website or customer satisfaction surveys have been waived, and you grant us a free, unrestricted, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully transferable right to use, copy, modify, and display such postings and/or to incorporate them in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed.

9. Exclusion of Liability
To the fullest extent permitted by law, SML, its affiliated companies and licensors exclude all liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or any third party, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential and howsoever arising, from your access to and use of the website and its content.

10. Severance
If the whole or any part of any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remainder of such provision(s) shall continue in full force and effect.

11. Waiver 
If you breach these conditions and we take no action, we will still be entitled to enforce our rights and remedies in any other situation where you breach these conditions.

12. Disclaimer of liability
To the extent permitted by law:
1. no warranty is given about the quality, functionality, availability or performance of any content accessed via the lifeintheuk.net .
2. SML excludes all liability for any loss of data, damage caused to your software or hardware, and any other loss or damage suffered by you or any third party as a result of accessing content via the lifeintheuk.net .
3. where SML is legally liable to you for any reason, our liability is limited to the amount paid by you for the relevant content.

However, you may have rights as a consumer under law which are not affected by these terms.

13. Jurisdiction
These terms are governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

14. Correspondence
If you have any complaints or wish to contact us please do so, by send emailing us at hello@lifeintheuk.net or by writing to us at the mailing address shown below.

Red Squirrel Publishing
Suite 235, 15 Ingestre Place
United Kingdom