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Study Guide for the Life in the UK Test (eBook)

Everything you need to study and prepare for the British citizenship test, including practice tests, on your ereader.

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The best-selling study guide for the Life in the UK test is available on Kindle and other eBook platforms. Help yourself pass the test and get your Settlement (ILR) or British citizenship.

First launched in 2006, the pioneering Life in the UK Test: Study Guide series has helped hundreds of thousands of students pass the British citizenship test with ease. Red Squirrel Publishing are proud to offer the Study Guide on the Kindle and other eBook platforms.

The eBook edition gives you three books in one, everything you need to pass the test on the first attempt:

  • The complete testable sections of the official Home Office study materials, Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents (ISBN: 9780113413409).
  • A full study guide including study aids and practical advice from people who have already passed the test.
  • Now with even more practice questions and answers in the same format as the actual test, as well as advice on question styles.

The series has now sold over 750,000 copies and comes complete with handy revision advice and practice tests so you can be confident of success.

Study Guide features

As well as the official materials, the book is packed with useful information, including:

  • Easy to understand diagrams and charts that explain difficult topics
  • Hundreds of multiple choice practice questions based on the study materials
  • Glossary that explains difficult terms
  • Timelines summarising the key dates covered in the test by topic

As with all of our print editions, purchasers of the eBook edition can also take advantage of a free subscription to our online tests. And don’t forget that the site contains the latest news and guidance on events and decisions affecting people looking to make the UK their home.

According to statistics released by the Home Office 2 in 10 of people fail the official test. Feedback from our customers shows that 97% of our customers pass.

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