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Start Studying

You can find everything you need to know about the Life in the UK test and how to prepare here. 

We have broken our advice into short articles which cover the test itself, how to prepare for it and some advice on what to do after you have passed. If you are new to the Life in the UK test, the best place to start is the Key facts post.

  • About the Test – this section tells you who needs to take the test, what it involves and what you need to read to prepare for the test.
  • How to Prepare – This section includes study tips and techniques from successful students, along with advice on booking your test.
  • After Your Test – The final section gives you some advice on completing your application for Settlement/Citizenship, after you have passed you test.

If you are ready to start studying, you can find out more about our study guides from the Buy the Books menu, and sign up for online practice tests from our Online Tests page.