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Lords committee urges review of the Life in the UK test

The Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the House of Lords has published a letter to Home Office Minister urging the Government to immediately begin a review of the Life in the UK Test.

The letter, which is signed by the chair of the committee, Baroness Hamwee, summarises the Committee’s findings from its inquiry into the Life in the UK test. It has been conducting the inquiry throughout 2022.

The Committee made several criticisms of the existing test and test arrangements, including:

  • an official handbook full of obscure facts and subjective assertions (including offensive historical content),
  • inaccessible test centres,
  • poorly-phrased questions that trivialise the process, and
  • costs that can be prohibitive for some.

The Committee pressed the Government to conduct a review of the Test and of its associated handbook. The Committee described a review as ‘long-overdue’.

You can read the letter here: