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The referendum and EU residents of the UK

After a long and fraught period of campaigning, the UK has voted to leave the EU. No one knows how this decision will be applied in coming years, but it is clear that a review of the Immigration Rules must be expected. his means EU residents of the UK now face an uncertain future.

We expect the first legislative changes to come quickly, but with nearly every government department doing the same we can’t say when the Immigration Rules will be updated. That said, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has proposed and implemented wide-reaching changes very quickly before. With immigration being such a politically sensitive topic we believe it will be one of the first things on the timetable.

We will be monitoring developments closely and keeping you up to date with the changes as soon as they are made. The options currently available to EU residents are detailed in our post, What does the EU Referendum mean for EEA/EU citizens in the UK?.

Typically, any changes to the Immigration Rules are announced before they are put into effect. We strongly advise checking for updates regularly to ensure that you can make the best informed decision as soon as any changes are announced.