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12 Reasons to choose LifeintheUK.net

1. We have a pass rate of over 94%

We’re very proud of our proven track record. We survey how many of our customers have passed their test. Customer feedback shows that 94% of our customers passed their Life in the UK test.

This pass rate is head and shoulders above the current national average of 70% (in 2014).

2. Trusted by thousands

Red Squirrel Publishing have been helping people pass the Life in the UK test since it was first launched in 2005.

We publish the best-selling Life in the UK Test: Study Guide series. This series has been tried and tested by over 750,000 people.

Our study materials and tests have been published in:

  • The Sunday Times
  • The Telegraph
  • The Times
  • BBC’s The One Show
  • Metro 
  • The Scotsman 
  • Channel 4’s Empire’s Children

Our staff have been interviewed about the test by:

  • The Independent
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Daily Express
  • BBC Radio Berkshire
  • BBC Radio Merseyside
  • BBC Sussex & Surrey
  • Downtown Radio, Northern Ireland
  • Mid West Radio County Mayo
  • SFM
  • Unity 101
  • Talk Radio Europe
  • U105 Belfast

We’ve also been mentioned in:

3. Value for money

With prices starting from as little as £5, you have access to our online practice tests.

You can also take advantage of our range of support materials including our Handbook, Study Guide (also available as and ebook), Practice Questions book (also as an ebook) and iPhone app.

4. Your wrong answers explained

When you complete one of our online tests you can see which questions you got correct and which you got wrong.

Our service gives you an explanation of the correct answer to help you target your revision by letting you know which sections you need to revise. It’s like having a study expert by your side.

5. Unlimited access

When you buy a subscription you get unlimited access to our service. You can make the most of your subscription and take as many tests as you like.

6. Highly recommended

We believe that lifeintheuk.net is the best in the business and we carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys to make sure we stay that way. The results show that 97% of our customers would recommend us to other people who need to take the test. We’re working really hard to try and convince the other 3%!

7. Try before you buy

If you’re unsure whether lifeintheuk.net is for you then you can try our service for free. Once you have registered your account you can take a free sample test. If you have any questions then contact our customer service team for fast and friendly assistance.

8. Free subscriptions for Red Squirrel Book purchasers

If you’ve already purchased any of the best-selling books by Red Squirrel Publishing then you can sign up for a FREE subscription.

9. Start testing yourself immediately

There’s no need to wait for delivery. When you but an online subscription, you can start testing yourself without any delay.

10. No software to install

Our software requires nothing to be installed and uses a standard Internet browser. Plus you can take tests using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

11. Get the latest innovations first

We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our service. This is why we offer you our extremely popular Study Guide: Free Edition and our Study Guide and Practice Questions books as ebooks.

Don’t forget, if there’s a particular service you would really like us to provide let us know!

12. Reputable company with a real history

Red Squirrel Publishing has been around since the test was started in 2005. We pride ourselves on being a reputable company with a proven history of high-quality products and an excellent track record. We offer brilliant services without any gimmicks.

12. Based on our best-selling series

All the material on this website is taken from our best-selling series of study guides. With over 750,000 copies sold we’re a popular choice. We’ve helped thousands of people pass their test and get Indefinite Leave to Remain and British citizenship.

The thrill of hearing from another satisfied customer never wears off, so if you’ve got news to tell – then make our day and contact us.