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After Your Citizenship Ceremony

After you have attended your citizenship ceremony and received your certificate of British citizenship, there are a couple of things left to do. The first of these is returning your biometric residence permit to the Home Office.

You should return your permit within 5 days of either:

  • going to your citizenship ceremony
  • getting your certificate of British citizenship

The instructions may prove satisfying as you are expected to cut your biometric residence permit into 4 pieces and put it in a windowless envelope. You should send this with a note saying you’re returning your permit because you’ve become a citizen. The note needs to include your name, date of birth and the document number (located on the front of the card), and should be sent to this address:

POL Returns
PO Box 195
BS20 1BT

You will be fined £1000 if you don’t do this within 5 days, so it essential that you do!