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Key Facts

The Life in the UK Test is an essential step for anyone wanting to settle in the UK, or apply for British citizenship.

The objective of the British citizenship test is to ensure that applicants have a good knowledge of life in the United Kingdom and the English language. The questions in the test are in multiple choice format and cover a number of topics from British history and modern culture, to the laws and political systems that govern the country.

Life in the UK Test: Key facts

  • The test is made up of 24 multiple choice questions
  • Questions are chosen at random by computer
  • You have 45 minutes to complete the test
  • The pass mark is 75% (18 questions correct out of 24)
  • Each attempt to pass the test costs £50
  • The test is conducted at around 30 Life in the UK Test Centres across the UK
  • The national average pass rate in 2014 was 70%