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Applying for Citizenship

This section offers information about how to apply for British citizenship.

Completing your citizenship application

All the information you need to submit your application for British citizenship should be available from the GOV.uk website. This page will explain the requirements and provide links to the documents you need.

Most applications for naturalisation use the Form AN. You can download a copy of Form AN, along with guidance documents, from the GOV.uk website. You can also find more information on the Citizenship and living in the UK page of the GOV.uk website. If your application is non-standard then check Types of British nationality page.

Be careful that you correctly submit your application. It is not possible to get a refund for incorrect applications. Thousands of citizenship applications are rejected each year for reasons that could have easily been avoided. Check the Guidance on completing form AN to ensure you fill your application form correctly.

Submitting your citizenship application

There are three ways that you can submit your application:

  • make an individual application
  • use the Nationality Checking Service (NCS)
  • use an agent or representative

If you make an individual application you must complete Form AN and submit it along with the correct supporting documentation and fees.

An alternative way of sending your application is to use the Nationality Checking Service (NCS). This will be cheaper than using an agent, and has two benefits:

  1. Your application is checked to make sure it has been completed correctly and that all required supporting documentation is attached.
  2. Valuable documents (such as passports) are photocopied and returned.

The NCS service is offered by many local councils and is very popular but it does not guarantee the success of your application. For more information, see our article, Nationality Checking Service (NCS).


You can get the latest expected waiting times from the Waiting times page of the GOV.uk website.

The Home Office advises that you should not to make any non-urgent travel arrangements until your passport or travel documents have been returned.