Useful links

The following links are to websites and organisations that may be of interest. These links are chosen because they provide important information about everyday life in Britain that can be hard to track down.

Websites and information services - The 2011 census date is set at 27 March 2011. It is hoped that as many people as possible will complete the census on or near this date to give a snapshot of the population at one point in time.

It has been announced on the 2011 Census website that the first data will be published in 2012. This means that if you are studying for the Life in the UK Test then you should continue to learn the statistics as reproduced in the study materials until further notice. This is not ideal as the statistics are now 10 years out of date, but for the purposes of your test this should be ignored. - This website is a politically neutral digest of the political landscape of the United Kingdom. For people new to the UK seeking to understand issues being discussed in the media we recommend starting with the Briefings & Guides section which provides background on a wide range of topics. The Legislation section features background information on Bills progressing through parliament.

Also on offer are a news service and comment on the latest developments as well as a directory of established and credible political blogs.

Where should I live in the UK?

Whilst the UK is a relatively small country, it is also very densely populated. There are 66 official cities and many large towns. The towns cities in the UK can be very different places, for a whole host of reasons. The various accents and dialects that are contained within Britain are just one indication of this. For someone new to the country who is looking for a place to live this can be very confusing.

To try and help you get to grips with the differences between the towns we have gathered together some useful and interesting websites to help you make the decision that’s right for you. - As the home page tells you, this website is dedicated to UK Civic Pride - celebrating all that is good about our towns. Also on offer is access to population data, local history, weather and contact details for the local councils and universities. - The Office for National Statistics holds the data on the census, employment crime reporting, health, housing local authority services and many other public bodies.

There there is a vast amount of information available, but if you have any specific queries about an area this site may help. Use the Neighbourhood tab to search by postcode or area. - This website offers a directory service for cities, broken down into various categories. These include Property and Accommodation, Jobs and Recruitment and many other sections for culture, shopping, eating and other lifestyle topics. - This site provides information about local areas by postcode. Information contained on this site includes directories of local services, information about schools and crime rates, and property prices. It is worth noting that the property prices also show sales in recent years so you can track how property prices have changed in the area.

Holidays and things to do - This site allows you to search through over 11,000 child-friendly activities and venues close to your location. This site also features a forum allowing you to contact members about activities in your area, competitions and more. - This website provides directories of hotels, pubs, camping and caravan sites, activities and tourist attractions in the UK.

The site also hosts a regularly updated blog on a wide variety of events and tourist attractions across the UK along with a forum for you to get your own questions answered. - This site provides information about tourist attractions in the UK with a greater focus on heritage sites, national parks and cultural attractions.

Also included are information about free attractions in major cities such as Cardiff and London as well as travel tips and special offers.