The EU Referendum in the news

With the EU Referendum fast approaching lots of people have been asking, alongside all of the discussion 'What does this mean for me?'

Red Squirrel Publishing have been talking to radion stations across the world about this. What happens if the UK vote to leave? Are EU citizens applying for British citizenship ahead of the vote? Are UK citizens applying for other nationalities? And now that the British are choosing whether or not they want to be European, does the Life in the UK Test really reflect what it means to be British?

These are questions which have been asked across the news since the start of 2016 and Red Squirrel Publishing have been part of that conversation. What follows are interviews with a range of stations from Northern Ireland to the Canary Islands about the Life in the UK Test and the Brexit referendum.

BBC Sussex & Surrey

BBC Merseyside

County Mayo’s Mid-West Radio

SFM Sittingbourne

U105 Belfast