What does being British mean to you?

This year Britain will see the Queen's diamond jubilee, the Olympics and changes to the citizenship test as well as a vote on Scottish independence on the horizon. So there is perhaps no better time to ask - what does being British mean to you?

The national identity of any country is a hard thing to define but in the UK, where immigration continues to be a divisive issue, there are ever more voices to hear. The Guardian newspaper has asked 100 people across the countries of the Union what they feel their national identity is.

You can see the people they spoke to on their article, What does being British mean to you? found on the Guardian website. They spoke to people from varied ethnicities and cultures across the nation, from Stratford to Pitlochry.

The range of responses they received was very telling, and there was an optimistic tone when it came to young people in the country today. However, with all of these different people and opinions, do you think this means that Britain is improving as a country and becoming more tolerant, or dividing in to smaller sub-communities across the nation?

If you ask people in the UK what they consider their national identity to be it is likely that you will get a different answer for every person you ask. A group of people may all say they are British, but they will also tell you that their family are from Scotland, England, or somewhere outside of the UK. Others may say they are just from one country and don’t feel British.

What do you think though? You are all people hoping to join the British nation so do you agree with the people the Guardian spoke to? Do the 100 people in this article make you proud and happy to be working towards becoming part of the British nation?

We would love to hear what you think about this. If you want to share your thoughts on this please come and visit us on Facebook and join the conversation.

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