UKBA’s tuberculosis screening programme going worldwide

The UKBAs tuberculosis screening programme has been expanded again. The rapid expansion of this scheme seems set to cover all countries where there is any risk of someone carrying tuberculosis.

If you are applying for a visa to stay in the UK for longer than six months then you will need to submit the results of a your tuberculosis test along with your visa. If you plan to come to the UK for less than 6 months you do not need a TB test, unless you are applying for a 6 month fiancé (e) visa.

The following countries are now included in this scheme:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Georgia
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kiribati, Tuval, Vanuatu and Micronesia
  • Kyrgyztan
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Papua New Guinea & the Solomon Islands
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Tajikstan
  • Timor Leste
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan

You can get more information on your application and related local services such as screening clinics from the specific country pages of the UKBA website.

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