Student visa application interviews for Ukraine

With effect from 29 May 2013, Ukraine is the latest country to be added to the list requiring student visa applicants to sit an interview before qualifying for a visa.

From 29 May anyone applying for a Tier 4 visa from India may be called to sit a short interview when attending the visa application centre. The interview will consist of checks on your reasons for coming to the UK such as details of your chosen course and institution. The interview will also act as a test of your English language ability. Once complete a report of your interview is sent to the visa officer who is handling your application. This visa officer may then call you for a further interview if they want more information. Not every applicant will be required to sit an interview.

The interview process was originally introduced for applicants from ‘high-risk’ countries as part of ongoing efforts to reduce abuses of the visa system. Following good results from the pilot, the scheme was expanded once before in December 2012.

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