Right to appeal family visa refusals withdrawn

With effect from around 25 June 2013 the full right of appeal for anyone refused entry to the UK as a family visitor will no longer apply.

The new appeal arrangements will apply to anyone who applies for a visa to visit family in the UK on or after the rule comes in to effect on or around 25 June 2013.

The UKBA are removing the right to appeal to bring the family visa route in line with other visa categories. The UKBA advise in their announcement that anyone who is refused a visa can re-apply having addressed the reasons for refusal. They indicate that this will be quicker and cheaper than appealing against the decision. In 2011-12 95% of applications were decided within 15 days, whereas the appeal system can take up to 8 months to deliver a result.

The change was first announced in a change to the Crime and Courts Bill published on 10 May 2012, which then received Royal Assent (the final step before a bill passes into law) on 25 April 2013.

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