Premium appointment booking process changes

From 18 August 2013 applicants booking premium appointments at a public enquiry office will have to pay their full application fee up front using the UKBA's new online system.

Applicants will now have to pay the full application fee(s) as well as the appointment booking fee in advance of the appointment. The new system is being introduced to streamline UKBA processes and reduce abuse of the booking system.

The new system is automated and will collect the premium application fee of £375 as well as the non-refundable fee of £100 which confirms your appointment. You can still manage your appointments as before using your online account, however if you cancel your appointment with 5 working days notice or less your £100 will not be refunded.

Advice given on the How much does the premium service cost? page of the UKBA website includes detailed instructions on how to pay the fee, and when you will get a refund. You should also be aware of the following:

“The application fee depends on the type of application you make. It is higher than the fee for making the same application by post. The fee is for consideration of your application - it does not guarantee that your application will be approved.

[The UKBA] will not refund your fee if [they] refuse your application or you withdraw it, so you should ensure that:

  • you meet the requirements for your type of application; and
  • you bring all the required documents to your appointment at the public enquiry office

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