Pre-entry tuberculosis screening in the Philippines

With effect from 28 February 2013, anyone planning to come to the UK for longer than six months from the Philippines must be screened for tuberculosis (TB) to qualify for their visa.

All applications submitted on or after 28 February 2013 will be subject to the TB testing requirements. This means that you must be tested at an approved clinic and submit a certificate declaring you free from TB with your application. You do not need a TB test if you are travelling to the UK for less than six months.

The full details of the requirements, including the details of approved clinics, are available from the Tuberculosis testing in the Philippines page of the UKBA website.

The TB screening programme is being expanded following a successful pilot in 2012. It has been expanded to the Philippines because it is one of 67 countries identified by the World Health Organisation as having a high incidence of the disease.

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