New citizenship test launched

The new citizenship test is now in effect meaning that all tests taken from 25 March 2013 onwards will be based on the new citizenship test materials published recently.

The new test comes into effect immediately and there is no transitional period so you should make sure that you only buy the latest version of the study materials. The 2012 editions of our books are now out of date and you should not buy them.

We will be publishing the new editions of our leading Study Guide series very soon. For anyone who is taking the test soon and needs to practice don’t forget that you can use our new title, Life in the UK Test: Handbook 2013 which includes all the essential study materials, advice, diagrams, study aids and more.

Purchasers can also register their book to take advantage of a free subscription to our online tests so you can test your knowledge and be ready to take you test.

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