London Metropolitan University granted probationary licence to sponsor Tier 4 visas

The UKBA have granted London Metropolitan University a probationary licence to sponsor students with effect from 9 April 2013.

London Met has been granted the new licence after a series of inspections over the last 6 months demonstrated that the university has sufficiently improved their administration of overseas students. This means that London Met can once again sponsor international students from outside the EEA to come to the UK.

There will be a limit on the number of overseas students the university can enrol for the duration of the probationary period. The UKBA will be monitoring the university during this time to ensure that London Met builds a track record of compliance with its new systems and students.

London Met lost their licence in August 2012 after the UKBA decided that the university hadn’t done enough to ensure their students were genuine. Issues reported included student records being incomplete, missing supporting documentation, and failures to monitor attendance at classes.

The university appealed against the decision at the time on the grounds that they had been improving their standards since receiving poor inspection reports. A statement released by the vice-chancellor of the university at the time, blamed the UKBA for changing its requirements on an ongoing basis, saying, ‘I would go so far as to say that UKBA has been rewriting its own guidelines on this issue and this is something which should cause concern to all universities in the UK’.

If you are a student at London Metropolitan University, or are concerned that these changes might affect you, you can find more detailed information on the UKBA’s London Metropolitan University student page.

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