Life in the UK Test Handbook 2013 published

The brand new Life in the UK Test Handbook 2013 has been published on 12 March 2013. The Handbook is valid for all tests taken from 25 March 2013 and gives you everything you need to prepare for, and pass your test.

The Handbook is a new addition to our range of titles and provides a lighter option for students preparing for the test. The Handbook contains the complete testable materials you need to learn, complete with the extra diagrams, study aids and help that you can expect from our independent guides.

The handbook doesn’t include any practice tests but you can still claim a free subscription to our online tests. Most importantly, it is available now, which gives you weeks to study if you are taking your test on 25 March 2013!

Where can I buy the 2013 Handbook?

The book should reach bookshops over the next couple of days and you can order your copy before then by visiting our shop.

When will your online tests be updated?

We are working hard on the questions at the moment and they are very nearly ready. We should have our practice questions available to use on the website towards the end of this week.

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