I am an Immigrant campaign

LifeintheUK.net is proud to announce its support for the 'I am an Immigrant' campaign', a new initiative designed to create a positive voice for immigrants, and the many benefits they bring to the UK is set to launch. The campaign has received over £50'000 funding, £10'000 more than their target meaning we they will soon roll out a national campaign in support of migrants.

Immigrants are part of the fabric of our society. It’s time to celebrate, not vilify them

The I am an Immigrant campaign will launch around the general election in May. It seems likely that Immigration will feature heavily across the media in the coming months and with political debate likely to be focused on impact of migrants on the UK, the campaign will be ‘a response to the increased anti-immigration rhetoric occurring in politics and the need to shed positive light on immigrants and the social, economic and cultural prosperity they bring to the nation.’

The poster campaign will see a range of migrants - including celebrities, doctors and cleaners - and carry the clear message of what they bring to the UK and is being run by Movement Against Xenophobia of which Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants acts as the secretariat. This is something we believe in very strongly here at LifeintheUK.net and we are very much looking forward to seeing immigrants celebrated publicly. The following is taken from the campaign’s Crowdfunder page where you can get further information on the plans.

“We are concerned at the impact [anti-immigrant rhetoric] has on social cohesion and the existence of a just, tolerant and fair nation. Through the poster campaign, we will be able to highlight the importance of immigrants in a way that captures their contributions to society as a whole, economically and culturally.

If all migrants stopped working our country would grind to a halt.

Our goal is to create a campaign that will negate the anti-immigrant climate currently developing, celebrate the vital contribution of immigrants and induce an open and inclusive conversation about immigration policy built on human rights and equality.

We will begin by selecting only fifteen migrants, including a few celebrities, from different occupations and all walks of life, such as health service professionals, teachers, cleaners, tube/bus drivers, business entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, etc. to be photographed by Vogue photographer Philip Volkers.

The message will be simple and the poster will consist of a photo of the individual with name and occupation, it will be titled ‘I am an Immigrant’ and will have a simple line outlining their contribution to British society such as “I am a brain surgeon and I have saved 6,000 lives”. Research demonstrates that visual depiction is extremely powerful.

Posters will be rolled out nationally through tube and train stations and will be displayed for two/three weeks before the General Election. We will also launch them through social media and a dedicated website. The social media arm will be interactive with the ability for all migrants to send in their own photos and will last well beyond the elections.”


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