Home Office and Capita launch visa reminder pilot

On 9 April 2013 the Home Office launched a new pilot scheme in conjunction with Capita, which will look to remind people whose leave to remain in the UK is due to expire in the near future to either extend their stay or leave the country.

The pilot scheme will see Capita contact a randomly selected group of migrants based on their visa records. They will then be sent a letter, email and/or SMS reminding them to either apply to extend their stay or leave the UK.

Capita were involved with the high profiles failings of a campaign targeted at visa overstayers over Christmas. This campaign saw people with valid leave to remain targeted, along with others who had already left the country. Many people also mistook the reminder SMSs or emails for spam. In light of this campaign the UKBA have made the following statement:

We will continue to work closely with Capita to ensure information provided is accurate. If we receive evidence to show that an individual’s leave is not due to expire in the next 2 months, they have already applied to extend their leave, or they have left the UK we will update our records.

If you have been contacted by Capita and wish to speak to an advisor please call 0844 375 4646 or email Capitapep@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

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