Biometric residence permits now required for stays longer than 6 months

With effect from August 2015, if you are applying for a visa to stay in the UK for longer than 6 months, you now need to get a biometric residence permit (BRP) on arrival.

Under these new rules, if you visa application is successful you will now get a 30-day travel visa in your passport. You must also nominate a Post Office in the UK which you will collect your BRP from. You only have a limited time to collect this permit so you should make sure it is convenient for where you are staying in the UK. The following restrictions apply to your visa:

  • you must travel to the UK within this 30 day period or your visa will expire
  • if your 30 day travel visa expires before you travel, you will need to apply for a replacement and pay another fee in order to travel to the UK
  • once you arrive in the UK you must collect your BRP from the Post Office you chose when you applied for your visa within 10 days

Once your application has been processed you will receive a letter with your visa decision. This letter will also provide instructions on what you need to do once in the UK.

You need to supply a digital photo of your face and also a scan of your fingerprints for your BRP. The photo must meet specific guidelines which you should check before applying. Your BRP is used in the UK to provide proof of your permission to remain in the UK as well as the length of your stay and any conditions of your visa. It can be used as ID in the UK. The complete guidance on how to get a biometric residence permit can be found on the website.

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