Biometric information requirements from 6 April 2015

New rules came into effect on 6 April which require anyone applying for residence or naturalisation to supply biometric information with their application.

The changes are being introduced to align requirements across legislation and also to tighten checks on people applying to stay in the UK. Under the new rules, which apply to all applications made from this date, biometric information must be supplied with an application for any of the following:

  • Naturalisation as a British citizen
  • Non-EEA nationals applying for a residence card
  • Non-EEA nationals applying for a derivative residence card
  • Non-EEA nationals applying for permanent residence

You must supply your biometric information through a Home Office approved agency and there is a charge of £19.20. The Home Office have published general information about biometric residence permits here. The Home Office will advise you when you need to provide your biometric information after you apply. In the UK you will need to go to your local Post Office. Outside the UK you must enrol at a local ‘biometric enrolment centre’ such as a Visa Application Centre.

If your application is successful the Home Office will send you a residence card in the new biometric format. These ID cards show your personal details including a photo, your name, date of birth, nationality and your visa status. The Home Office will keep your details for 10 years unless you are considered a threat to the UK. Your details will also be kept kept if you choose to permanently settle in the UK. If you later become a British citizen they will delete your information.

Further information can be found on the website, and in their announcement post.


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