New Brits: The online community for new British citizens

New Brits

New Brits is the free online community for new British citizens and migrants.

The community offers people a place to come together and share experiences and stories, offer advice to others and get help with problems. You can get in contact with people who, like you, are making the UK their permanent home.

You are a very special group of people with a lot to offer the country, but you are also still relatively new here. You may want to get in touch with other people from your country here in the UK, you may have an interesting story you want to share with people, or maybe you need help with a particular problem - you can do all of it and more at New Brits.

This community was built with people like you in mind because we understand that there is a great deal more to living in the UK than the Life in the UK test.

Free to join

It is completely free to join and offers lots of features, including:

  • get in contact with other New Brits just like you
  • Member blogs - start your own or read other peoples’
  • Groups and forums - network with other New Brits
  • Events - set up your own events with the New Brits calendar
  • Photo albums - share your favourite pictures

And the best thing is? If you don’t find the group or event - or anything - you are looking for you can set it up yourself! You can make this site what you want, together.

How do I sign up?

It is easy to join everyone at New Brits and start taking advantage of everything. You will need to make a new account - you can’t use your account from - and you can register in just a couple of minutes by clicking the button below.

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