Your choices for studying for the Life in the UK test

Do you need to prepare for the Life in the UK test? This is our guide to what Red Squirrel Publishing has to offer to help you pass the test and get settlement (ILR) or citizenship.

The material that has to be learnt for the test is determined and provided by the Home Office. It produces a publication called Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents. You are required to learn all of the information found in this publication for your test. The publication has a recommended retail price of £12.99.

The material provided by the Home Office is lengthy and quite complex. As an alternative, Red Squirrel Publishing provides a wide range of products and services to help you learn for your test. These products and services have been developed and designed by us with one goal in mind: to help you pass your test first time.

Life in the UK Test: Study Guides

Buy the Life in the UK Test: Study Guide nowThe first is our Life in the UK Test: Study Guide series, with prices starting at £9.99. This series also includes the Life in the UK Test: Handbook (RRP £7.99) and the Life in the UK Test: Study Guide & CD ROM (RRP £12.99), which lets you recreate the test at home and includes hundreds more questions. The study guides contain the complete testable material found in the official Home Office publication, Life in the UK: A guide for new residents; reprinted in full. It also includes a series of study tools to make it easier for you learn this core information:

  • chapter introductions that summarise each chapter’s content as well as flagging the information you should be paying careful attention to
  • trusted advice and answers to common questions from people who have successfully passed the test
  • tips and warnings, to make learning easier and help you avoid common mistakes
  • a calendar of the key dates in the text, and an extensive glossary of words and terms to help you understand anything you are unsure about
  • practice tests, in the same style and format as the real test, so you know whether you are ready to take the Life in the UK test.

We also offer the Life in the UK Test: Practice Questions, which retails for £6.99. This publication contains 20 practice tests, which are in the same style as the Life in the UK test. By taking the practice tests you will be able to measure how well you know the study material and know when you are ready to take your real test.

Online practice tests

If you have a study guide already and you are looking for a way to test your knowledge then check out our online tests. The tests are based on a database of nearly 1,000 questions and have already helped hundreds of thousands of people prepare for their test.

Subscriptions start from as little as £4 and you can take as many tests as you want whilst your subscription is active.

Free subscriptions to the online tests are also available to anyone who buys a copy of one of our publications. For more information register an account for free at

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