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Using the Settlement Checking Service

If you are applying for ILR then you can use the Settlement Checking Service (SCS) and have your application checked before you send it by a local authority officer before it is sent, for a fee.

An up-to-date list of the councils offering the Settlement Checking Service, along with contact details can be found on the Settlement Checking Service page of the GOV.uk website.

You can make applications for settlement at any local authority that offers the settlement checking service, not just the one where you live, subject to appointment availability.

This is an appointment only, optional service and applies to anyone applying using form SET(M). The service works in a similar way to the Nationality Checking Service in that it will check your application but not offer any immigration advice. During your appointment a trained local authority officer will:

  • check you have completed your SET(M) form correctly
  • check you have paid the correct application fee
  • copy and return your valuable documents
  • ensure your application is valid and post it to the Home Office

This removes the need to send valuable documents away and also provides assurance that the application is complete and correct, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delay. You can find your local centre from the following links:

  • England – Excluding central and greater London
  • Greater London – The city of London and surrounding areas
  • Scotland – East Kilbride, Hamilton and Lanark
  • Wales – Cardiff and Pembrokeshire

Before attending the appointment you should have read the SET(M) guidance. When you attend your appointment you will need to bring a completed SET (M) application form and all original supporting documents required. You will also have to confirm your payment details. If you fail to do so your application cannot be submitted. Check the Application to settle in the UK: form SET(M) page for information about applying and for the application form and guidance.